Curb Your Car Week Fall 2014—Take the Survey!

The Fall 2014 event concluded on Saturday October 11, 2014.

Participants, please answer our survey to help us tally results and for a chance to win a prize. Prizes will be awarded to high mileage savers, and randomly to participants. Prizes may include environmental books for children and adults, home energy audits, energy saving small appliances such as lighting, donated by area businesses.

Answer our survey:


We would love to hear about your week or any feedback you may have. Leave a comment below. (Comments are moderated and will be posted after review. Your email address and name are not required.)

One thought on “Curb Your Car Week Fall 2014—Take the Survey!”

  1. Any of my destinations would require a bus ride 3 times longer than a car ride. Half of my destinations required night travel at which time buses are no longer running. If Monroe County had viable public transportation we’d all be able to “curb our cars”

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