Act now for a cool planet

Together We Can Reduce Local Greenhouse Gases

The momentum for energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and economic security is growing right here in the town of Brighton, New York., a non-profit organization, supports business, municipal, school, and residential energy reduction measures in our town, in concert with climate protection efforts by other towns and cities across the country.

Through community education and simple, thoughtful actions, our goal is to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions by at least 10% and make our own little piece of the world cleaner.

Recent Posts

  • Extend Your Vegetable Garden Growing Season With A Cold Frame (9/23/2015) - Growing your own organic produce at home reduces carbon in multiple ways–plants sequester carbon, and having produce in your own yard eliminates the need for food to travel, so no greenhouse gases from transportation!  To extend the growing season into the colder months, you can build a cold frame, which is basically a DIY mini … Continue reading Extend Your Vegetable Garden Growing Season With A Cold Frame
  • Wind Power (9/23/2015) - We have been purchasing wind power from RG&E. This allows RG&E to buy electricity generated by wind mills. It is supplied in the routine way. This doesn’t save money (you have to pay a very small extra amount) but it does help to reduce greenhouse gases. You can get more information on the RG&E website.
  • Power Strips That Auto-Turn Off And On (9/23/2015) - Technology is a cool thing. These power strips will automatically turn off whenever a 10%+ drop in current to the main outlet is detected, and automatically turn on when an increase of 7 watts or more in power to the main outlet is sensed. In other words, plug your computer into the main outlet, and … Continue reading Power Strips That Auto-Turn Off And On
  • Run A Full Dishwasher (9/23/2015) - Make sure your dishwasher is full when you run it, and use the energy-saving setting if your washer has one. This lets you air-dry the dishes. In addition, you can turn of the “dry” cycle manually. Not using heat in drying can save 20 percent of your dishwasher’s total electricity use.
  • Save The Planet. Go Veg! (9/23/2015) - Did you know that raising animals for food accounts for 18% of all greenhouse gases? That is more than all trucks and cars combined! (UN Climate Report, 2006) Being a vegetarian is the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming. Even cutting your meat consumption by half can make an enormous impact. … Continue reading Save The Planet. Go Veg!